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Our beers are hand crafted (yes we still mix every batch with a hand operated malt rake to get it to the perfect temperature and consistency), un-pasteurized and are brewed to levels of quality, which can only be achieved in the finest of breweries. We use local ingredients whenever possible such as Montana Grown & Malted Barley as our base malt (what we fill the silo with). This malt can be tracked back to the specific Montana farmer than grew it with each batch we receive. This same malt after use (our spent grain) is given to a local farmer and used as feed for his farm animals. We also plan to use a small portion of this spent grain in the buns for our brats which will be hand-made by a local bakery just up the street from the brewery. We are proud of what we do and we are confident that everyone who drinks our beers will appreciate the care and craftsmanship served in every glass or can.

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