6th Ward Garden Park

April 11, 2017

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

About 6th Ward Garden Park

The name of the park with promotional tagline is “6th Ward Garden Park–A Growing Experience Connecting People, Food, and Nature”

The 6th Ward Garden Park is a coalition of City Parks and Recreation, Helena Community Gardens, Helena Food Share, and 6th Ward Residents.

“The 6th Ward Garden Park, a healthy, consciously designed and managed edible ecosystem, provides 6th Ward residents, the public, and community stakeholders with safe, beautiful, accessible, and enjoyable spaces to meet, learn, play, relax, and to grow
and enjoy food. The Park connects to and serves its neighborhood and the City, as well as various communities of interest. It builds community, momentum for ecological, social, and economic revitalization. A functional and effective coalition builds, manages, and enjoys the park.”


The 6th Ward Garden Park will provide community gardens for 6th Ward gardeners with a preference for low-income gardeners. The food producing permaculture provides a recreational and educational experience for the entire city of Helena of food and ecology. The educational outreach of the park will be available to persons throughout the area.

Project / Needs

It will take four years to complete the park. Each annual phase will also include public education and gardener training, soil improvement and vegetation maintenance, landscaping, infrastructure development, and habitat planting. The four phases are dictated by the succession of planting, maintenance, and trial and error necessary to grow and evolve a mature permaculture.

How will the funds be used

Funds raised by AFCN event will contribute to the 2017 phase of construction and planting of the 6th Ward Garden Park. They will contribute to completing the list of tasks provided in your “give examples” field. These funds will go to infrastructure, park amenities, and initial planting of the permaculture.

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