November 13, 2018

5:00pm - 8:00pm


CDP creates inspiring performances and integrated educational experiences that enrich, transform, and unite the community through dance. Embracing dancers and non-dancers from across the community, CDP welcomes people with disabilities, those with limited financial resources, and people of varying ages including those outside of the typical age range or experience levels seen in traditional dance experiences. Throughout CDP’s performances and educational opportunities a unique culture is created, one of multi-generational mentorship, partnership, and collaboration amongst all. Not only do participants dance together, they work together creatively as a cohesive team, learning to support each other physically, mentally, and emotionally, creating an enriching life experience that enlivens audiences and every participant involved. Facilitating equality between those who’ve danced for years, at-risk youth, those with disabilities, and those who’ve never stepped foot or wheel on a dance floor takes careful, considerate and compassionate leadership. This spirit of mentorship and collaboration is not only instilled at the beginning or overlaid at the end, it is implemented at every stage of the class and production process, by local and guest leaders who have experienced it and been shaped by it. The unique culture created through this process is not only infused in the participants but reaches out impacting the lives of the community at large.

Areas Served

Primarily Helena and surrounding areas with participant reach into nearby communities like Great Falls, Missoula, Bozeman, and Belgrade.


Whether people are participating in or simply witnessing CDP’s productions and learning opportunities, what they experience is life changing. They receive exposure and palpable education in the lessons of acceptance, inclusion, diversity, and compassion.

People who would not typically attend dance classes or live performances are drawn to the uniqueness of CDP’s programming. Additionally, at-risk youth, low-income or disadvantaged families, and people with disabilities are often not afforded as many opportunities to participate in or experience cultural activities throughout their lives. Using dance as a vehicle, CDP’s adaptive dance programming and integrated performances provide these opportunities. During classes and performances, a unique culture is created amongst participants, one of acceptance and support, welcoming creative freedom and individual expression. Many of these participants don’t have other opportunities of this sort, a place that welcomes their unique abilities and an opportunity to work with and bond with someone who has differing skills or comes from a background different from their own. The unique bond created amongst participants is palpable in classes and when presented on stage. The magic of CDP’s inspiring and energetic performances enlivens the spirits of the cast and then leaps off the stage into the hearts of the audience and further out into the community. People are enriched and inspired to try something new, to step out of their comfort zones. They develop a deeper respect and compassion for others, a greater understanding and appreciation of our differences. It is these qualities of CDP’s adaptive dance programming and integrated performances which revitalize and energize the cultural life of the Helena community and beyond.

Project / Needs

Spring 2018 projects include:

– Free Adaptive Dance classes for youth and adults with special needs and developmental disabilities.
– Dance programming development for at-risk youth in group homes throughout the community
– Scholarship Program for any student with financial need where students can trade volunteer time for all or a portion of their class fees.
– on going Dance Technique class for students of all ages and abilities
– A new Professional Artist Collaboration performance bringing together artists from a variety of genres (dance, metal sculpture art, poetry and spoken work, live music, and visual art) for a performance to be staged at the Myrna Loy Center June 14 & 15

Summer 2018 projects:
– Summer Dance/Music Workshop featuring guest instructors from across the state and region (June 18-21)
– Adaptive Dance Workshop and Regional Teacher Training with guest instructors from across the region (July 30-Aug 1)
– Dance the Divide summer workshop in collaboration with Creative Arts Center (August 6-10) featuring guest instructors from across the country

Other Fundraising

Additional fundraising efforts include:

Business sponsorship for performances, playbill advertising, community and foundation grants, special donor events, community nights at local establishments, GiveLocal Helena, State Employee Charitable Giving Campaign, raffle, and merchandise sales

How will the funds be used

Funds from AFCN will be used to support our free Adaptive Dance Program for youth and adult with special needs and developmental disabilities, our At-Risk Youth programming and Scholarship Exchange.  Additional funds will support artist compensation and travel along with sculpture construction for our upcoming Artist Collaboration performance in June at the Myrna Loy Center.

Lewis & Clark Brewing is located at:

1517 Dodge Ave.

Helena, MT 59601

The Tap Room is open:


12:00 pm – 10:00 pm


12:00 pm- 11:00pm

Snack Bar Hours:

12-9pm 7 DAYS/WEEK

Phone:   (406) 442-5960