Montana Preservation Alliance

February 20, 2018

5:00pm - 8:00pm

About Montana Preservation Alliance

MPA saves and protects Montana historic places, traditional landscapes and cultural heritage. We are the only statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Montanans with the resources necessary to preserve our state’s unique heritage buildings and cultural places.


The state of Montana.

Project / Needs

Outside of Helena, we are working on projects to document and encourage preservation of one- and two-room schoolhouses across Montana. In Lewistown, we are rehabilitating the Broadway Apartments, which will provide much needed market-rate housing near downtown. In Glacier National Park, MPA will lead Xanterra crews in July 2017 on a two-week preservation training course at the historic Wheeler Camp at the head of Lake MacDonald.

Our outreach staff are planning the June 2018 MT Preservation Road Show, a touring historic preservation conference that will be centered in West Glacier. At the same time, our companion online guide, The Path Less Traveled: Guide to Montana’s Hidden Rural Heritage is now in production and scheduled to launch next June in concert with the Road Show. The guide is a map-based tour guide featuring history, photos, and directions to MT’s off-the-beaten-path historic places.

Other Fundraising

The MPA is a membership organization offering annual membership of $50 and up. In addition, the MPA participates in community fundraising events at the Blackfoot River Brewing, Gulch Distillers, and Ten Mile Creek Brewery; applies for grants from local, state, and federal offices; and accepts major gifts from donors.

How will the funds be used

The funds will be used as unrestricted income that supports our general operations. Such funds are critical to support our everyday outreach, and our central office here in Reeder’s Alley where we field calls and requests for assistance from across the state

Lewis & Clark Brewing is located at:

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