Bobaflex & The Complication

August 10, 2017

6 - 10PM

About Bobaflex & The Complication

You hear them on the radio and their videos have been watched millions of times on YouTube, now see them LIVE right here in Helena, MT



Tickets $10 Online, $15 at the door


Bobaflex & The Complication

BOBAFLEX is known as one of the hardest working bands in the country. Renowned for their high energy, live shows and relentless touring the band was formed in 1998 by brothers Shaun and Marty McCoy. The brothers are known for their ancestral ties to the most infamous family feud in American history between the Hatfield and McCoy.

BOBAFLEX is currently on tour and just about to release on their eighth album titled, ELOQUENT DEMONS  set for release in August 2017. The album features singles, “Hey You”, a passionate and sincere cover of Pink Floyd, “Lights Out” and more to be released. BOBAFLEX prior release CHARLATAN’S WEB came out on September 10th, 2013 and included three radio singles BAD MAN, I’M GLAD YOU’RE DEAD and NEVER COMING BACK. CHARLATAN’S WEB is a follow up to their successful HELL IN MY HEART release that came out 8-29-11 which featured three singles BURY ME WITH MY GUNS ON, CHEMICAL VALLEY and THE SOUND OF SILENCE (Simon-Garfunkel classic).

The band after several dealings with record labels have put out their last two albums “CHARLATAN’S WEB” and “HELL IN MY HEART” as well as an EP “CHEMICAL VALLEY” on their own label BFX RECORDS. Rounding out their catalog is Primitive Epic (2003) on Epic Records and Apologize For Nothing (2005) and Tales From Dirt Town (2007) on TvT Records.

Bobaflex are Shaun McCoy, Marty McCoy, Tommy Johnson, Dave Tipple and Jymmy Tolland.


The Complication encompasses an array of emotion and movement, creating earworms with undeniable groove hooks while at the same time, making you want to start up the mosh pit, with driving drum & bass/guitar power-rhythms and in-your-face vocal power.  Offerings from the Milwaukee-based rock act reflect on relationships and heartache, personal struggles, lessons learned, and tongue-in-cheek commentaries about life in the 21st century.  The band is often found touring all over the U.S., making waves in small and large markets. Recommended if you like Joan Jett, Nirvana, Pat Benatar, Halestorm, and Heart, but the band has a sound all their own that doesn’t sound like any of these artists.

“If Nirvana & Heart had a baby, it would be The Complication!” – fan of The Complication

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