Friday 1/19/18 – Bitcoin Bitter Now On Tap


Bitcoin Bitter is now on tap, yesterday at our launch party we even sold several growlers of it that were paid for using Bitcoin Cash crypto currency. Its a smooth, malty English style Bitter, come on down and give it a try.


Bitcoin Bitter release. We’ve created a new beer to coincide with the Bitcoin craziness and we will be the first brewery in the country (that we know of) to start accepting Crypto Currency (Bitcoin Cash) as payment for growler fills of this beer!  We chose Bitcoin Cash as our first crypto currency to accept as Bitcoin itself costs so much to send and takes so long to confirm. It costs just pennies and is much quicker using Bitcoin Cash.  We will be looking at accepting other cryptos for beer in the future.

We will also be having some fun for a limited time by varying the price of growler fills on our new Bitcoin Bitter with the current market price of Bitcoin. You could pay as little as $2.00 for a growler fill or as much as $12 depending on the current price of Bitcoin at the time of your fill!

Are you bitter because you DIDN’T buy Bitcoin or bitter because you DID?

Either way, the smooth taste of our Bitcoin Bitter is something you can bank on. We start with Montana grown and malted barley then add crystal/caramel specialty malts, along with some malted wheat to create this copper-colored beer with a great malty, toasted backbone. We then balance out that maltiness with Galena and East Kent Golding hops (the staple for traditional English Ales) which creates a smooth and delicate flavor with floral, lavender, spice, honey, earth, lemon and thyme overtones. Most hops stand out against the malt. However, this unusual hop actually blends in and complements the malt flavors to create a smooth, session-able ale that will become one of your favorites.

For a little fun and for a limited time prices of growler fills of the Bitcoin Bitter will vary based on the current price of Bitcoin.


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We were lucky enough to be one of the craft beers served at one of the largest music festivals in the country last year Coachella . We hope to be there again this year. Here’s what LA Magazine had to say about the Tumbleweed IPA at the festival.


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