It’s that time of the year, it’s Neighborhood IPA time. For 14 years we have collected locally grown hops from our neighbors in Helena and threw them all into a special fresh hop IPA called Neighborhood IPA. Every year is a little different, but always great and like we say “Once a year it’s ok to share a little bitterness with your neighbors”. We will be accepting hops from Tuesday Sept 5 through Thurs Sept 7th so please pick your hops (we have plenty to pick here believe me) just pick the cones and put them in garbage bag and bring them down from noon-8pm from the 5th-7th and we will include them in our brew next Friday. Every hop donor gets a “Hop Growers Union” card which when shown gets you 50 cents off every glass and $1 off every growler of Neighborhood IPA.

Tumbleweed at Coachella

We were lucky enough to be one of the craft beers served at one of the largest music festivals in the country last year Coachella . We hope to be there again this year. Here’s what LA Magazine had to say about the Tumbleweed IPA at the festival.


The Five Best Things We Drank at Coachella

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