Bitcoin Bitter

ABV 5.4%
IBU 60
English Bitter Ale

Bitcoin Bitter is an English Bitter Ale. We start with Montana-grown and malted barley and add crystal and caramel specialty malts as well as some malted wheat. This creates a copper colored beer with a toasted malt backbone. The maltiness is balanced with Galena and East Kent Golding hops (the staple for traditional English ales). The beer has a smooth and delicate flavor with floral, lavendar, spice, honey, earth, lemon, and thyme overtones. Most hops stand out against the malt. The beer is smooth and sessionable with an IBU of 60 and an ABV of 5.4%.

Lewis & Clark Brewing is located at:

1517 Dodge Ave.

Helena, MT 59601

Phone:   (406) 442-5960