Regional or National Acts

If you are filling out this form, you are an act that would like to be considered only for a special engagement. We limit these shows due to the impact on our regular brewery customers. We have featured musicians such as, Cody Canada and The Departed; Reckless Kelly; Micky and The Motor Cars; Johnny Rawls; Bart Crow; Curtis Grimes; Kyle Park; Michael Charles; Kyle Gass Band: and others.

Please provide the below information and we will be in contact with you regarding the specifics of the engagement. This information, and the additional information you provide, will be used on our website and other materials to promote your show. We use many forms of social media (YouTube views, Spotify monthly listeners, Facebook likes, etc) to evaluate the potential for acts to attract enough people to justify a cover charge.

We provide a quality PA and dedicated sound engineer to ensure the highest quality sound. We have invested over 10k in custom designed sound treatments for our venue. Click here to view our equipment list and stage plots (indoor and outdoor).

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